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About us

SNett Systems means precisely implemented ideas

SNett Systems Structure

SNett Structure

SNett Systems company has three main areas of activity: IT, Marketing and Logistics.

We've started the basics with buliding a strong IT infrastructure then we've built a real business operation on it. We manage more than ten brands, we care about lots of international web stores, portals and blogs.

We use our own marketing and business strategies and we develop our own systems. We also have custom logistical solutions. We live with SNett philosophy.

SNett Quality

We program over 10 languages, speak over 5 languages, we know the beauty, we care about the marketing.

We are SNett.

Social Responsibility

SNett Systems supports talented people and groups with free services like web hosting, web design, video creation, CMS, marketing stuffs and consultation. We always have a little separated time for talent management.

What we do

We are exist to implement the impossible ideas


Import and delivery, high-level strategies

Nice Coding

Well-planned systems, infinite complexity

Project management

The best partners, the best services


From any countries, from any devices

Effective Marketing

Experimental branding strategies

Clear Staitstics

Simple reports

Media Creation

Creatives, videos and events as needed

By Hearth

We love what we do

SNett is not here for making money but for making new solutions

Our Projects

Latest cool projects we've been working on



Augmented Reality web application helps you to create awesome AR contents on a nice GUI

SNett Collaboration Platform

SNett Collaboration Platform

Our collaboration platform for cooperation and project management.

SNett Franklin System

SNett Franklin (Open Source)

Multi-purpose basic system helps to create web service or CMS for example.

OkosKlíma Portal

OkosKlíma (SmartAirCon)

Air conditioner reseller website with custom CMS and product manager

AR Pub Finder

AR Pub Finder

Pub locator application for Android mobile devices with augmented reality

Spliff447 Web&E-mail

Spliff447 - Web & e-mail

Web hosting and e-mail service for the band called Spliff447

POICorner BlueBook

BlueBook (AR Book)

Student book with custom Android application with augmented reality

SNett Webkernel

SNett Nutmeg

The new dimension in development of the web. The first webkernel. A core system provides hard base to build web applications.

Arduiono Automotive Library

Autoino (Arduino Library)

Arduino Automotive library to modernize the systems of vehicles in an easy way.



SNett voice recognition, speech to text prototype.

We do not promote what we do,
we promote how we do.


Key people of SNett Systems

Bálint Horváth

SNett Systems

Owner & Co founder
Web Architect & Online Marketing Expert

Gábor Horváth

SNett Systems

CEO & Co Founder
Logistical & Offline Marketing Specialist

We live with SNett philosophy

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